Outages update

Our server is currently running, customer might find an older version of your site, but that is the best we could do at this point

If your web site is not online: please follow steps below

1- First thing you need to do is: Backup your email to your local drive this is important (especially if you are using IMAP) 
Once you synch online that might delete current emails.
Ask your IT personal to help if you are unsure

2- please send an email to outage@zerohosting.com including your Domain name and we will make sure its online
if you need Access to your Cpanel to reconfigure you Email, also include that in the email

We do check that email instantly so we treat them all as priority

if you are not familiar with any of the above steps we suggest you get your IT person to help you as we will not be able to help migrating or backup  due to high volume


- Reason of server damage, was due to strange hardware failure caused all  partitions tables of all hard drives on the server to be corrupted

We truly appreciate all your patient getting through this



Tuesday, January 15, 2019

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